Hello world!

Ron B
Hi peeps! My name is Ron Barrantes, just like it says in the title. Why am I writing this post. Well as it tuns out, I have been going through a lot of life changing experiences. Many of which have been incredibly difficult for me. But very recently, I have come across that which can only be describe as a beacon of hope. I finally feel I can regain control over my own life and begin to write my own story. Which brings me to this page. I need a place where I can log my progress. Perhaps even give myself some accountability for my actions. Maybe even give someone out there some inspiration.

So what is this that I’m doing. I wanna turn my life back around. No big deal, right!

How am I doing this? To be perfectly honest. I do not know yet but I have a little help. A great person who has shown me that great things are possible. More on her on later post.

Until next time

A little Disclaimer – as of the time of this writing. I have just installed my blogging platform so if you happen to come across it and it looks like crap… Oops, Sorry! I’ll develop a skin for it soon enough. I guess I can also use this blogging platform to practice my HTML skills. I guess I should work on my writing skills as well, so hopefully my writing should become better as the post roll in.